The Babushka Lady and the attempted assessment of C&C

When it walks like a goose, quacks like a goose and smells like a goose..... Well then it might even be something that reminds someone of a Babushka. But this evil entity took out (for now) an important part of competence and capacity (for this time around; "C&C" in short) on Twitter. Last night just after 1900 GMT+2 Professor John Schindler blogged "Signing Out (for now)"

My immediate reaction was clear, and I was not alone. Whatever had been said or done, whatever accusations pushed forward, a smear campaign was easily spotted for those who bothered to look, and there were not even one single sign of any fog of war amongst the professor´s supporters.

Professor Schindler has, over the time I have gotten to know his competence, background and capacity, shown me that he knows his geopolitics, his INTEL, his history and his geopolitical security understanding. 
All you need to do is read his blog, you will learn more facts there about the #OpSnowden, about Ukraine, Kremlin, NATO and international conflicts than most other places.

And along came Babushka

With a little twist, and not in any way pointing towards any link to the JKF assassination or starting any conspiracy, you might understand why I express myself like this: It can be seen upon as if The Babushka Lady took out John.
After professor Schindler wrote his "Signing out (for now)" things have been happening, accounts on Twitter have "disappeared" and blogs connected to them suddenly no longer in use. What I called "The Babushka Lady", had done "its" operation. But it did not end, and professor Tom Nichols gave a good summary:
"Those asking abt John Schindler, this is the apology from the person involved. A personal matter between two adults."

The support

During the day the comments have been pouring on professor Schindler´s blog and for the first time in my life I write a blog post in support of a single person. 
Like Catherine Fitzpatrick did earlier today when she commented on professor Schindler´s blog: "Stay strong, and come back soon!"

I summarize by quoting "Smear campaign against J. Schindler getting uglier by the day. So: Closing ranks behind John Schindler, Everybody in Formation!"

I add; the formation needs scouts. 

Prepare! Be aware! Semper Fidelis - Semper paratus!
I predict that professor Schindler will be back -  and then again there will be balance in the twitter sphere and C&C will be in place.
On your six Professor!

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The Babushka Lady? Well, some might find parallels here. 

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